taken by Alex Smyth

taken by Alex Smyth


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After school in elementary school, I would watch my grandpa pick up a random magazine in my mom's deli shop and draw anything that caught his eye. I've seen him draw lots of things, from a tiger in National Geographic to a portrait of Napoleon. It became a tradition between us in the afternoons, where he would draw and I would watch. 

Like my grandpa, my main source of inspiration comes from my surroundings. I started taking photos of the people around me with the family's camera and soon enough, I wanted to pursue art and design as a career. I came to Berkeley, where the possibilities of design and technology innovation were endless. It was where I fell in love with human-centered design that focuses on putting people over processes and creating something meaningful that would help people feel better, whether that be designing assistive technology, collaborating on a friend's startup idea, or promoting an organization's goal on campus. 

All in all, I love getting to know people and designing for them. I am a second-year studying Comparative Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. I am an aspiring UX designer, and I plan to pursue immigration law one day! 

In my free time, I watch Netflix way too much and do portrait photography.