Karen Ni



the problem

A customer's experience in trying to navigate through Galp's digital resources (e.g. website) and finding which energy and gas services best fits their needs is currently frustrating and has a low completion rate. The goal of my project is to improve this process, so that customers could have a more efficient and pleasurable experience of choosing services and ultimately, finding a plan that makes them feel comfortable in their own home.



understanding Accenture & Galp

Before addressing specific parts of the project I was working on, I took the first month of my internship to better understand Galp's role in Portugal and its interaction with Accenture's digital products. I knew that I couldn't fully understand the targeted users in the limited time I had, especially working for a summer on a project that would last for seven years, but I tried my best to show how I'd build my understanding. 

Designing a product for a company whose services I haven't used and for an international audience, I understood my limitations, so I wanted to learn about how folks can feel comfortable using new platforms (mobile and tablet) if they were new to Galp.