Jacobs Institute | Snapchat Filters

Jacobs Institute for design innovation (Jacobs hall)

One of my favorite classes so far in college has been my human-centered design class in Jacobs Hall. Opened in 2015, it has been the place that offers diverse creative spaces where technology meets design. I noticed that the location did not have a Snapchat geofilter, which I found to be surprising since it holds UC Berkeley's design studios. So I made two! 


Snapchat Filter 1 (sticky notes)

Jacobs Hall is home to makers looking to make an impact on design and technological innovation. The building is often decorated with colorful sticky notes that are scattered all over the whiteboards and tables filled with an abundance of potential design solutions and user research. I recreated the sticky notes for the filter.

Snapchat filter 2 (outlet)

I was inspired by my first visit to Jacobs Hall when I first noticed the hanging bright yellow outlets. I thought that was a creative idea as it provided multiple outlets for students and did not interfere with what was going on in the room. Students who need to charge their electronics did not need to be seated near a wall to have access to an outlet. They are able to sit near the center and by the lecturers and did not have to sit by the sides of the room, far from the rest of the class. I recreated the hanging outlet that is lighting the word "Jacobs" for the filter.

Jacobs Snapchater Filter Use 1 1.png
Snapchat Filter 1 | Example 1
Snapchat Filter 2 | Example 1


Jacobs Snapchater Filter Use 1 3.png
Snapchat Filter 1 | Example 2
Jacobs Snapchat Filter Use 2.png
Snapchat Filter 2 | Example 2


Jacobs Snapchater Filter Use 1 2.png
Snapchat Filter 1 | Example 3
Jacobs Snapchat Filter Use.png
Snapchat Filter 2 | Example 3