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I joined Kappa Alpha Pi, UC Berkeley's premier pre-law fraternity, in Fall 2016. It was through this organization that I rekindled my strong interest in design as I gratefully took on opportunities to design things for the fraternity whether they were fliers or cover photos. In Spring 2017, I became the Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Chair where I coordinated all PR and marketing campaigns for Kappa Alpha Pi's seasonal recruitment events. I acted on my passions for the law and design through this fraternity.

#1: Website redesign

Inspired by Kappa Alpha Pi's growth and development since its establishment in Spring 2014, I redesigned the fraternity's website and images to rebrand with modern appeal.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 1.47.23 PM.png
A screenshot of the website's basic wireframe stage.
Wireframe 2
A screenshot of the website's basic wireframe stage.
A run-through of the website's high-fidelity prototype.

#2: Logo redesign

A personalized logo for the UC Berkeley Chapter.


A recruitment shirt showing the redesigned logo.

#3: sandwich board design for tabling

KAPi Sandwich Board

During recruitment season, it's a tradition at Berkeley for organizations to table and flyer on Sproul Plaza. Since we didn't have a sign that students could see from far away as they were walking through Sproul, I designed a sticker for a sandwich board that members could use while they are tabling.