Karen Ni


What I'm up to

Inspired by Derek Sivers, the /now page is a "nice reminder for myself, when I'm feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities." 

I also love collaborating and learning with other folks. Please feel to reach out if you'd like to work on something together!


Pursuing my academic interests

This semester, I'm learning about:

• Tangible User Interface

• Research methods in ethnic studies

• International human rights

• Personal finance

Writing my honors thesis in Ethnic Studies on VR/AR, HCI, and design.

I've wanted to create something I can call my own that combined my passions in ethnic studies and design before I graduated.

Finding where I want to do the work I care about

A few months ago, I decided to graduate a year early because I realized I learned more by doing. 

I'm looking for full-time roles in product, service, and interaction design for next Fall. I hope to find a place that I can help work towards their mission that I'll find meaningful.

Talking with Womxn of Color in Tech

I've been thinking about creating a blog filled with chats with Womxn of Color in Tech to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. It was the kind of documentation I've wanted to see as I pursued design and tech, and it was a project that was attempted by the amazing womxn in Designers Guild WOC. What better time to start then /now?

Learning about Civic Tech

I’m currently chatting with folks about how design can help improve government services and thinking about how civic technologies can make positive impacts on local and federal governments.